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  1. Download the latest release

  2. Put stats-on-discord-VERSION_NUMBER.jar in your server's plugins folder and restart your server. A folder named stats-on-discord will be generated with the bot-properties.yml file.

Creating the Bot

Before we can edit the configuration file we need to create a Discord bot

Create an application at by pressing New Application

Select the Bot tab and then press the Add Bot button

Give your bot a cool name then copy the token using the Copy button

Paste the token into bot-properties.yml


We need to invite the bot to your guild now.

Select the OAuth2 tab and then select URL Generator

After that, find and select bot from the Scopes and Administrator from the Bot Permissions

Now scroll down and copy the link into your browser and invite the bot into your server

Setting Discord Embed Channel

Go to your discord settings, select the Advanced tab and enable Developer Mode

Now find the channel that you want the statistics to be displayed in and right click on that channel. Then click Copy ID

Paste the channel id into bot-properties.yml

  embed-color: #dd447f
    channel-id: 1077358024093610164

If you restart your server then the embeds should be displayed in the correct channel


Remember to restart the server after changing a setting

For now there are only 4 types of statistics the bot can display. You can change any of the following values in the bot-properties.yml file to display them

Stat NameDescription
play-timeHow long the player has played on the server
deathsHow many times the player has died
damage-dealtThe amount of damage, in hearts, a player has dealt
jumpsThe amount of times a player has jumped

Any other settings can be found below

embed-colorThe color for each embed the bot sends and updates